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If you have chronic symptoms or illness, whether physical, mental or emotional in nature, or if your daily activities place great demands on your vitality and well being, then botanical healing has something to offer you. By supporting the healthy structure and function of the body and nurturing the body’s innate healing capacity, herbs are effective in addressing a wide range of health concerns. A qualified herbalist will be able to help you sort through the sometimes overwhelming array of herbal choices on the market to find the therapeutic options that are right for your individual needs.

Clinically, herbalists work with individuals to achieve optimal health through the use of herbal and nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle. Herbalism is a healing modality that blends traditional and historical uses of herbs, with modern use that is based in current scientific literature. In this combined model, herbs are not used as panaceas for disease states. Rather herbs are carefully chosen and formulated for the individual, based on constitution and an extensive case history. Pulse, tongue, and facial diagnosis, physical affect, and lifestyle are used to make a constitutional assessment of the individual and to craft the herbal formulation.

For general wellness visits, it is recommended that you schedule at least one follow-up visit, so the herbal formulations can be adjusted, as needed, for continued progress towards your health goals.

Interested in herbal medicine consultation for your office or staff?

Seasonal Clean(sing) at Blue Heron Wellness

Blue Heron Wellness Now Offers Herbal Detox Consult Packages.  Our Herbalists provide a custom-formulated herbal detox that supports your specific health, wellness, and weight loss goals.  Seasonal Detox Packages now available (herbs offered separately).

Basic Seasonal Detox Package (includes initial treatment consult and two follow up visits) – $190, save $50

Seasonal Detox Package & Massage (Basic Package and Swedish Massage) – $265, save $60.

Come and meet with our Herbalists During Free Week for a free 15-mini Detox consult.  Find out if this Seasonaltime Cleanse makes sense for you and your goals. Call (301) 754-3730 for available dates and times.