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Welcome to Blue Heron Wellness.

We created Blue Heron Wellness to offer our community high-quality wellness services. We know that time-honored healing traditions – acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, and yoga – work. They offer rejuvenation, relaxation, relief from pain, stress and tension and the opportunity to achieve your highest potential.. We have personally experienced and observed in our clients these benefits for body, mind and spirit.

As part of routine health practicing yoga, massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine help us to prevent illness and maintain well-being. Therefore we have chosen to deliver wellness services in a centrally-located facility that is convenient to work, home, and daily shopping – Blue Heron Wellness is easily accessible – even on your commuting route. To make wellness services and their benefits more accessible, we can also deliver them directly to you in your office through our Mobile Wellness Program.

More and more people are seeking complementary health services because they understand the need for relief from our fast-paced and sometimes impersonal metro-area living. In this spirit, Blue Heron Wellness offers a place where people can restore and re-energize themselves, enabling us all to live successfully and healthfully. Our goal is to form personal connections with each client and with the community as a whole.

This website is designed to inform you and to connect with you. Yet truly the best way to learn about our practice and our services is to be in touch personally. Take a few moments to speak with practitioners, our instructors and us. We can answer questions and offer suggestions to help you attain your wellness goals. Call us – even better, stop by. Blue Heron Wellness is located in the Shoppes of Burnt Mills along with Trader Joe’s, Chico’s and Starbucks on Route 29 in Silver Spring, MD, just outside the Beltway.

To Your Health and Well-being,
Sue Berman and Elisa Rivetti