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Restore, Relax, Rejuvenate…
and Find Balance

Acupuncture Happy Hour is an opportunity for people to experience acupuncture in a relaxed and enjoyable group setting. You can come in once, on a regular basis, or as a supplement to your regular treatments. The treatments are affordable and use pre-packaged, sterile and disposal stainless steel needles.

Each treatment will:

· offer an opportunity to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of acupuncture
· use up to five acupuncture points (accessible fully clothed) to smooth energy flow, calm the nervous system and enhance general well-being and improve sleep
· provide the enjoyment of the inviting atmosphere of Blue Heron’s yoga treatment space with its comfortable mats and blankets, and
· incorporate different music and readings to complement the energetic
effects of the points and to synchronize with the season.

This treatment has been used for years to help those detoxifying from addictions, people suffering the effects of trauma such as military veterans or survivors in the aftermath of a disaster, or for first responders to events like Hurricaine Katrina and other natural disasters. Veterans and Service Personnel who are receiving this treatment report such benefits as more peaceful sleep, greater mental clarity, reduced anxiety, lower stress responses and overall greater well-being.