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“The yoga was great! It just takes you to another world that is carefree! This is a wonderful place and I will certainly be back again. Have a happy, carefree day.” – Love, Karen

“The gentle yoga class is a treat for the self. Followed by a cup of tea, hearing the fountain, absorbing the peaceful energy of the environment, and the genuine sincerity of the teachers, brings truth and soul to the surface.”

“I like Blue Heron because I get to take yoga classes and I get to have fun with other kids. And I hope I come back soon.” – Juliana

“One year ago I started acupuncture to help with fertility issues after close to a year of traditional medicine. Last month I gave birth to my son on the 4th of July! What a gift. Thanks to my practitioner. Thanks to Blue Heron. My family is now complete.” – M.I.

“How nurtured I felt. I banged my knee a good one this morning and came in for acupuncture. My knee pain has lessened, and I don’t feel ‘off balance’. My practitioner also gave me the gift of some breathing techniques for my Kidneys – and the gift of extra time for me. All topped off by bringing me a nice hot cup of tea – a delightful surprise and so soothing to top off my session.” – Diane

“Leslie, you are the most gifted massage therapist I have ever had. I leave here truly renewed not only in mind, but in spirit. I can’t describe in words the feeling of complete calm and positive energy that comes over me in our sessions, but it is simply amazing. I can simply let go of all life’s stresses and quiet my mind, Blue Heron Wellness has been a gift to my body, mind, and soul, and I can’t thank you enough for creating and supporting this oasis in the heart of the “busiest” areas in the U.S. No matter where I move in the Balto/D.C. area, I will always make the trek here and recommend it to all my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heard”. – Kim

“I just experienced Angela’s healing touch. My muscles between my shoulder blades were burning – tension, fatigue, who knows – I do know massages are magical.” – M.S.

“I learned today that my body loves it when I take care of myself. My massage was an affirmation that I am worth caring for.
Thank you Glenda.” – K