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Take an Integrated, Holistic Approach to Weight Loss


But a balanced, integrated approach to weight loss does!

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What are you looking for in a successful weight loss program?  Something that is flexible?  Able to fit into your life style requirements?   Understandable?  Targeted to meet realistic goals?  Under your own control?


Our integrated, holistic approach to weight management combines Health and Wellness Coaching with Acupuncture treatments so that you can invigorate your body's vitality and address the unique  underlying causes of the weight gain in your life.   Backed by science and experience, this program gives you the tools and the support to examine your life style choices,  regulate your metabolism, control food cravings and address your unique issues and challenges to enable you to reach your weight loss goals.

The program is designed to occur over 12 weeks.  In those weeks, you will receive:


  • Health Coaching sessions to show you how to map out your goals and activities, learn about nutrition and meal planning, give you the support to stay committed to your plan and, of course, celebrate your success!
  • Emails, texts, and information to support you along the way,
  • Acupuncture treatments that are specifically designed to support metabolism, digestion and other systems involved in weight loss!
    At your option, you can add yoga, movement and meditation classes and therapeutic massage - or even add a relaxing facial treatment as a reward for your success!


Specifically, the program will include....  


Health and Wellness Coaching

Weight loss takes time, planning, and preparation.  Martine Polycarpe and Tricia Hanson, our trained, experienced and caring Health and Wellness Coaches are there to guide you through the process, ensure that you identify, stay focused on, and ultimately meet YOUR goals.  They will help you learn about, understand and create nutritional, fitness and other personal stepping stones to your goals.  And she will be there to ensure that you in fact do what you commit to doing!

You can elect to do your private sessions with your health coach in person or by phone.  Of course, these will be appointed based on your schedule.  


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Individual Acupuncture Treatments

Auricular, or "ear" acupuncture, has been demonstrated to have lasting impact on weight loss by reducing hunger and cravings, boosting metabolic processes, enhancing digestion, reducing stress and targetting other factors related to your unique constitution.  

And, your 45-minute treatment sessions can be done either one-on-one with your Acupuncturist or you and a friend may elect to do it together - its up to you and your schedule!






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Access to Yoga and Massage Therapy

Movement, meditation, relaxation, stress reduction are all part of your success.  And as part of the Integrated Weight Loss program, you will special pricing and discounts on yoga and therapeutic massage services.



Want More Info?  Come to an informational workshop ...

Lose Weight Now ~ A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss with Blue Heron Weight Loss Team
May 6, 2-4 PM
 Join Acupuncturists Jonathan Bronson & Jan Hatfield Goldman and Health Coaches Martine Polycarpe & Tricia Hanson
Learn how this approach can work for you & your weight loss goals.
*Explore the elements of an integrated approach to weight loss. *Learn how a health coach can help you.
*Experience a special QiGong meditation.  *Get an acupuncture treatment to increase your metabolism and help weight loss.
*Leave with some tips to get you started on a successful journey.

The workshop fee of only $25 can be applied to the cost of your individual program when you take that next step.


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If you had more energy, stamina & confidence, what would you do with it?

 Ready to find out?  

Your investment in yourself and your weight loss journey would include:


  • Personal Health Coaching ~ one intake session and four targeted coaching sessions;
  • Eight, individual 45-minute Acupuncture treatments customized to your unique weight loss goals and needs;
  • Each acupuncture treatment can help to curb cravings and boost metabolism;
  • Have access to our yoga & meditation & movement classes at deeply discounted rates;
  • Receive email support, program materials and session notes all aimed at supporting your weight loss goals.


This specially priced program is available for $848 ~ less than $10/day (individual session rate would exceed $1100).  Payment plans are also available.


Are you ready?  Call us now!  301-754-3730.