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Angela Ferri, LMT, brings to each session with her clients a unique combination of deep tissue and energetic techniques including Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Swedish, and Aromatherapy. All sessions are  deeply relaxing and provide resolution focused outcomes. Her work is supportive of people in transitions of all kinds, trauma survivors, those in recovery, and those in bereavement. This work supports your ability to foster grace for life’s journey.


Angela was graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage and became nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 2000. She has been giving massages to friends and family her whole life and credits them with her success in the professional world of Therapeutic Massage.
She is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Angela's Clients Say:
"Angela Walker is the best. I recommended my husband to see her due to shoulder injuries and pain and she works wonder . He feels so much better . I feel great after a session with her . Has been seeing her for years . Very happy. Ming-Yee D., 3/2018
"I love my massages with Angela Walker. The staff have always treated me with consideration and caring. Barbara F. 1/2018
"Money doesn't buy happiness, but it does buy a massage by Angela Walker which is pretty much the same thing." Vonnie S. 1/2018
"Serene environment the minute you walk through the door. The quiet room is a nice way to transition into a relaxing treatment. Angela Walker provides the best deep tissue massage I have ever received. She is extremely attentive and knowledgeable about massage techniques and finding the body areas that require the most the attention. I have never felt better! Thanks so much!" Janice S., 8/2017
"The massage was the best I have ever had. I highly recommend and will be returning regularly."  Matt D. 12/17
"Angela is awesome! She is incredible at working out all the tension in my back and neck," Tida L, 6/2017
"Angela was awesome! Very attentive and informative. She's a wonderful massage therapist !" Catherine O. 10/15
"Angela Walker, massage therapist, continues to be a big factor in my improved health status." Dan L. 11/15
"It is always such a treat to visit Blue Heron. The staff members are very helpful and accommodating. The atmosphere is so peaceful and warm. My massage at this visit with Angela was wonderful --very healing. She is an expert and offers tips to help keep me keep body in shape at home." Connie B.  11/15
Angela White, MA, LMT, is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic massage and is licensed in Maryland and DC. She graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute in July 2011 where she worked in the Graduate Clinic until coming to Blue Heron in Spring 2012. In 2013, she attended the Washington Institute for Natural Medicine where she studied Reiki, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Angela maintains a studio art practice, exhibits her artwork and teaches art. She appreciates the complementary nature of the healing arts and visual arts. Combining this knowledge along with her meditation practice, has allowed her to realize the mind/body/spirit connection and be more fully present in treatment and meeting the needs of the individual client.
She is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Angela's Clients Say:
"Angela Walker is the best. I recommended my husband to see her due to shoulder injuries and pain and she works wonder . He feels so much better . I feel great after a session with her . Has been seeing her for years . Very happy.  Ming-Yee D., 3/2018

"The staff was warm and welcoming. My massage therapist, Angela White, really listened to my needs and responded with professional knowledge and skill. I felt fantastic when I left!" Amy R. 10/28/15
Bisrat Abebe, RMP, trained initially in Virginia for massage therapy. His passion in massage is to work with clients needing deeper, therapeutic work and sports massage. Bisrat also works with clients providing prenatal massage and geriatric massage.  His work includes stretching as well.
See what Bisrat's clients are saying:

"Blue Heron has such a calming and peaceful feel. Everyone is so warm and welcoming from start to finish. I saw Bisrat for my massage and I will definitely be back, I even booked my next appointment when I was checking out. I highly recommend Blue Heron.  Tammy S 3/2018
"My massage experience with Bisrat was simply amazing !!! His touch is firm but relaxing , his time management was everything , I felt like my 60 min was an 90 min massage , very detailed !!! Bisrat is truly talented, I cannot wait til my next session. Bisrat now has a new client!? BC 3/2018

"What a delight-full experience to share with my daughter!!! The professional hands of Bisret, the Masseuse, were "firmly gentle", and he was also willing to provide me with follow-up exercises to continue my fitness. It was also a "treat" to see that my jewelry creations have been well-received by other clients. Yay! I have found another "safe haven" for personal health and well-being. Thank you" Sharon K., July 2017

"After 39 miles of walking in the 2017 Washington DC Avon Breast Cancer Walk To End It, I took the advice of another 39 Walker to get full body massage and I got appointment within less than one hour notice. Not only were they accommodating, but my feet and body felt so good I felt like I could conquer the world๐Ÿ˜†. All my stress, soreness and tightness were smoothed out by this magnificent, professional and detailed Registered Massage Practitioner, Bisrat Abebe, RMP @ Blue Heron Welness! Thanks soooo much for a job well done๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Elois., May 2017

"Bisrat gave an excellent deep tissue massage. I came in with very tight muscles and discomfort on my right side and he identified the problem spots and focused the treatment there. I felt much better the following day and will definitely be back again to see him."  Leah M., Apr 2017.

"Bisrat is a phenomenal massage therapist! He incorporates stretching into his deep-tissue massage for maximum benefits to my lower back." Christina R., Feb 2017

"Bisrat gave me probably the best therapeutic massage I've ever had! My tight back & shoulders felt SO much better not only right afterwards but through today. I highly recommend him!  Monica S, Oct 2016

"Excellent massage with Bisrat. Great technique. I will return very soon! I purchased a 3-massage package." Nancy S. 10/2016
"Best deep tissue massage EVER by Bisrat! It's the next day and my lower back pain is gone! This has never happened before!" Christina R., 8/2016

"2 days after my first massage with Bisrat my neck still feels really good after he stretched out my tight muscles. In fact, it's better than it's been in eons. I had a deep tissue full body massage and scheduled another before I left Blue Heron," Myrna F., 8/2016

Dr. Hope Sadler, LMT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in working with youth with disabilities. She completed her Associate of Science degree in Massage Therapy at Anne Arundel Community College. Hope studies the posture of her clients, keenly observes their movement patterns and intuitively works with her trained hands to determine the best massage techniques to improve physical function. Her manual therapies focus on Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Stretching and Myofascial Techniques to improve a client’s relaxation and functional movements. Hope believes in individualizing her bodywork treatments and is very supportive of each client’s personal goals.

Joan Davis, LMT, is a strong supporter of self-care, and takes an integrative, therapeutic approach to massage.  Having recently completed training in Scar Tissue Release Joan can blend this and a variety of techniques into a session to meet a client's needs.  These include Swedish, deep tissue, Muscle Release Technique, Reiki, Visionary Cranial Sacral work, Strain Counterstrain, Bodywork for the Childbearing Year and sports massage, as well as inspired ingenuity. 
Joan's Clients Say:
"Joan me gave one of the best massages I have ever had! I came is very stressed, but I left feeling like a new person!!! I will certainly be returning."  Lisa H., 5/2018

"The staff is friendly and the place feels warm and quiet. I have been going to Joan Davis for 5 years and Leslie too and recommend both for massage. Joan always has good self-help perspectives on my aliments and causes." Robert W., 9/2017

"Joan Davis is fabulous. In fact, I just this moment recommended her to a friend for a reflexology session."  Jo B. 11/15
Jessica Parks, LMT, is a Maryland licensed massage therapist (M04787) and has been practicing massage therapy for over 10 years. She has a passion for dancing and yoga and believes that regular massage and movement is the perfect way to welcome more ease and grace into our lives in a world where high stress and sedentary work take their toll on our bodies and spirits. She enjoys witnessing clients emerge refreshed, relaxed, and smiling at the end of a massage.
She is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Julia Hua became a Registered Massage Practitioner shortly after graduating from Baltimore School of Massage in 2013. Julia specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, some Trigger Point therapy, and stretching. Julia loves helping my clients by alleviating aches and pains from their daily stresses and promoting relaxation through their customized massages. Her goal is to have my clients leave the room feeling stress-free, relaxed, and ready to conquer the world!
 See what Julia's clients are saying: "Awesome massage, definitely a great way to kick off my birthday".  Deshaune J 4/18 "This was my first massage ever. Julia was very nice and was also understanding that this was my first experience with massage. She did a great job and I now can see why people like to get massages." Wendy H., 7/2017
Julie Weitz, LMT, graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2000 Following which she completed advanced training in Massage for Medical Conditions shortly after. She served in the US Army for more than 22 years in the field of medical research. She retired in 2013 from the Army and served as Grandma for 18 months before beginning her new career in massage in 2014. She loves doing massage because she feels as though she is positively impacting the health of her clients and it also fulfills her eternal quest for better understanding of the human body and the health process. She is a member of AMTA and is a delegate for the state of MD. She specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage.  
See What Julie's Clients are saying:    
I'm lucky to find this place BlueHeron wellness; it's the Best! They help me with my pain in myshoulder,and back problems. I recommend this place  Maribell G ๐Ÿ˜Š 5/27/18

"My massage therapist was the best. Scheduled for the following week. Truly very informative. Leah E., 3/2018

"So convenient and responsive--got a last minute booking for Swedish massage with Julie. She asked thoughtful questions and delivered a high quality massage.Felt great afterwards. Staff was flexible and provided excellent customer service." Susan M., 6/2017

"Julie was a wonderful and caring massage therapist. My session was very relaxing and achieved what I hoped it would. I cannot recommend Blue Heron Wellness enough. Very professional and compassionate services."  Kristina D.,  May 2017
Keelani Ellerbe, LMT, after receiving a Bachelors Degree in Business  realized she needed to peruse her dream to be a Massage Therapist. Massage therapy isn’t just a job for her but a passion! She does all she can to make sure you, the client, are completely satisfied! Keelani brings many techniques to her work including deep tissue and swedish strokes, and combines them all to develop a custom approach for each of her clients every time!
John Cox, RMP, is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Work and the State of Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He is trained in working with individuals who suffer from acute and chronic pain and stress-related stiffness due to accumulated toxins in the body. He also performs sports massage for the athlete in training or the “weekend warrior.” John’s expertise spans a wide range of services to a broad spectrum of clients, including members of local professional sports teams, pre/post event marathoners, assisted living residents and corporations offering chair massage to their employees.
See What his clients are saying:
"John is fantastic for deep tissue massage! For any women hesitant to have a male massage therapist, no worries. John makes an extra effort to assess and respect your level of comfort before proceeding. He synchronizes movements with your breath to create a very soothing and relaxing experience. Plus he really digs in to the knots to work them out and just turn you into jelly by the hour's end. I'm always walking out in better shape (physically and mentally) than when I arrived." Erica A., 12/2015
Leannah Amos, LMT, developed an interest in helping people early in her life.  She received her BS in Kinesiology at Frostburg State University and a certification in therapeutic massage from Anne Arundle Community College. Today she is an enthusiatic Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner. Her specialties include deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, hot stone, and cupping. Her focus is on chronic pain management. When not working, Leannah enjoys music and reading sci/fi and supernatural fantasy novels.
Leslie Knee, LMT,  is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Baltimore School of Massage (2000). She was originally drawn to massage therapy as a client for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. After her recovery, she decided to make a career of helping others achieve wellness through massage. Leslie’s training in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Cherokee Bodywork and stretching techniques has provided relief to clients in pain. Her work with Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Hot Stone Therapy and energy techniques provides deeply relaxing and soothing treatments for clients who would like to reduce the negative effects of stress in their lives. She is an advocate for people living with chronic illness (such as fibromyalgia, diabetes and cancer) to receive massage as part of their treatment to relieve pain, anxiety, circulatory issues, and more. Leslie is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage, and is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals and the Society for Oncology Massage Therapists. Leslie is a former bodywork instructor at the Baltimore School of Massage, but now dedicates her work to clients full-time.  
Leslie's Clients Say:  
"Leslie is amazing! I go to her for my massages to help with the stress and strain on my body of being a caregiver and my world changes to a better place when she is done." Denise B.  4/2018
"I had an exceptional massage with Leslie on Saturday. As I am recovering from surgery, she knew all the right areas to work on to help with with radiating pain from the surgery site. She really is very intuitive about how to relieve pain and stress. She's also a very caring and kind person overall." Anna W., 9/2017 
"Slept wrong and my neck was a mess, Leslie was able to get me back to a normal human in no time. Very good and extremely professional!"  William S., Nov 2016
"After my SX, it was time for a massage and oh my goodness! I just received the best post lymphatic drainage massage from Leslie ever! After we were done it felt like I had permanently found my happy place in life. When I arrived the staff was courteous and so friendly. They quickly took me to the back to fill out paperwork and shortly after that Leslie arrived to take me to my room. She had a nice conversation with me and detailed everything that she was going to do. It somehow felt like she was able to answer more questions than my doctor! She was so amazing during the massage that I literally felt like I was in heaven. The time that she took on all the parts of my body almost put me into a different world. I'm telling you if you want to come out feeling refreshed, renewed and wishing your next massage appointment with her was literally the next morning, then go see Leslie! You won't regret it!Leasley-Anne G., 7/2016
"You came to my rescue-- I needed a massage to help an overly stressed back and shoulders….Leslie did a great job. Thanks, I will return!"  Katherine S., 10/15
"I was undecided between massage and Reiki, however, my therapist, Leslie combined the two into a wonderful, relaxing hour and gave me feedback when the session was over. I wish I could return every week for the same experience! Thank You!" Nancy M.  8/15
"Leslie Knee is the best masseuse ever. She is excellent, finds out what your needs are and handles the treatment appropriately. I highly recommend her." Carol C. 2/16
Lorraine Rao, RMP, is a graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, D.C. She has been a professional massage practitioner for three years and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as well as the State of Maryland Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Lorraine uses both Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage techniques that facilitate whole-body relaxation and support health and healing. She has a special expertise in issues surrounding the back, neck and shoulders – areas of the body that are highly vulnerable to stress from everyday activities (such as driving or working on the computer) as well as to acute injury. Lorraine understands how relaxation and massage can help people achieve other important health goals, and has helped clients incorporate massage into a variety of their goals, including pain management, weight management, healthy aging, emotional wellness, and stress reduction. Most important to Lorraine’s practice is putting clients truly at ease and listening attentively to their needs and their bodies’ stories.
See what Lorraine's clients say:
Lorraine is amazing! 90 minutes of relaxation. Aaahhhhhh C Taylor 3/2018

"I have never had a better massage. And everyone At BHW is friendly and professional. Lorraine is the best! I love this place." Jeanne B, 9/2017

"Blue Heron is my sanctuary. If I won the lotto I'd be there every day. The staff is kind, organized and well mannered. I have enjoyed both acupuncture and massage care as well. Lorraine is a godsend and you can tell they enjoy what they do. Keep up the awesome job Blue Heron!" Victoria W. 9/2015

"Lorraine takes you to a higher plane with her wonderful massages!"  Nancy M 1/2018

"Lorraine was wonderful. Massage to specifications!" 10/2015

"The massage with Lorraine was by far one of the best knot and tension-busting massages I've received! Plus the tranquil environment and lovely staff made for a wonderful restorative experience." Courtney S. 11/2015

"I had a wonderful experience. Lorraine was excellent!"  Cynde N. 11/2015

"I called Friday morning before Storm Jonas hoping for a massage. They called Lorraine who was able to come in on short notice. The massage was incredible - just what I needed. I'm very tender to touch and don't tolerate deep tissue massage and Lorraine adjusted her technique perfectly. Thank you so much. I felt well cared for. "  Lisa M. 1/2016
Meredith Osterman, LMT, received her training at the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. She combines that training with myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy techniques. She is also trained in prenatal massage. She is very interested in the mind body connection and enjoys working with her clients to help them see how improving their physical connection with themselves helps to keep equilibrium and to stay happy and healthy. Meredith has taught at PMTI for several years and truly enjoys working with people and helping them to reach their goals. Meredith also takes on special condition clients, she is able to connect with that client, allowing to treat and comfort while achieving the basis of the treatment.
See what her clients are saying:
"Meredith was an awesome massage therapist. She really helped with my shoulder and neck issues." Stacey K. 3/2018
Meredith is professional, flexible, knowledgeable and has great customer service. She has really made the effort to get to know me (e.g., eating and exercise routine) and my body (e.g., injuries and tightness). She is talkative when I am talkative and quiet if I want to sleep during the session. I see her bi-weekly and I feel great every time I am done."

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