Blue Heron Wellness Health Coaching


What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

Blue Heron Health and Wellness Coaches will work with you one-on-one to explore the wellness options available to help you achieve and live your best quality of life possible. Whether it be health concerns, or life transitions, wellness coaching is an effective means of support to help you make the changes you desire.

What is a health and wellness coach, you ask? At one time, coaching was associated solely with sports, vocal performance, or as an exclusive ‘perk’ for corporate executives or organizational leaders. Today, Health and Wellness Coaches provide guidance to their clients who want to enhance their health and well-being. Together with their coaches, clients identify individual goals and specific actions that will lead to positive lifestyle changes. Coaches then provide the critical elements of support and accountability to help clients ensure favorable outcomes.

There’s no better time than now to take charge of your life! Work with a professional coach to define and achieve your personal health and wellness goals.
Choose from individual, small group or online programs designed to optimize your health and bring vitality to your every day life. Whether your goal is more energy, weight loss or a life lived with more ease and joy, making a commitment to living a healthy life is how it all starts.