A Healthy Shepherd's Pie .... For Pi Day

Just in time for Pi Day and St. Patty's Day, a healthy Shepherd's Pie. Includes all the soul-satisfying savoriness without the carbs and dairy! It does call for beef so make sure you use a high-quality, grass-fed ground beef or exchange it for ground turkey (sans antibiotics or hormones) or a blend of turkey and pork. Enjoy! Read More

Heart-Healthy Avo-Berry Muffins

Looking for a heart-healthy light breakfast or snack? Avo-berry muffins use the health-supportive fat of avocado in lieu of butter or oil. Likely you will never notice the difference. And, with St, Pat's day around the corner, the green hue will be perfect! Read More

Make Winter a Great Season ~ Tips for Staying Healthy In Winter

There is no magic to staying healthy in winter but these tips are offered as a reminder of the importance of the basics... Read More