Frankincense - one of the world's oldest oils & still heals today!

Frankincense oil is one of the oldest oils still is use today. Primarily produced in Somalia, Ethiopia, and the Dofar Valley of Oman where it is harvested by Beduin nomads, it is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacara tree.  The tree is remarkable and different from many others in that it can grow with very little soil in dry and desolate conditions.  Frankincense is harvested when the outer bark of the tree is cut with a knife to “bleed” its resin. The highest quality oil is in the tears which are almost pure white.

Frankincense is highly valued for its medicinal powers. Oleoresins are a part of a trees immune system, secreted to protect it from herbivores, insects, and fungal pathogens. Similarly, Frankincense can enhance human immunity, support rapid healing, treat respiratory infections, and for treating wounds, bruising, and scars.

The benefits of Frankincense can be easily enjoyed.  It is a particularly strong essential oil and should be used sparingly.

·         Place a drop of this incredible oil in the palm of your hand, gently rub the palms together, bring them towards your face and inhale deeply. The aroma brings clarity, protection and a meditative mind.

·         Add a drop to your favorite skincare cream to help give clarity and luster to the skin.

·         Add several drops and apply as a cold compress to soothe any specific area of the body.

·         Add several drops of frankincense oil to any carrier oil, such as jojoba, to soothe the skin, and relax the entire body and mind.


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