Summer is All About the Fire Element!

We experience the FIRE element most fully in the season of summer, the time when young energy that arose in the spring expands to its maximum potential. We, who are part of Nature just as surely as all that surrounds us, can enhance our own health by understanding the special functions of the hottest of all the seasons. Through this awareness we can help balance our own Fire energy. Read More

Hot vs Cold ... A heated debate!

Long debated in western medicine, the question of the best way of treating muscle and other soft tissue damage has been, well, hotly debated. And Acupuncturists are needling into the discussion ... In this article, an Acupuncturist discusses the issue from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and points out that cold may be most efficacious for short term pain relief, but heat may help longer term healing.... Read More

What's Giving Fido a Fit?

My dog is usually happy and calm but, even before I am aware of an impending storm, she is panting and following me with her tail down. Yours too? With the summer storms brewing, we thought you might want to read about alternative means of dealing with Fidos Fits! Read More