New Twist on a Summer Tradition ~ Green Sangria

I really love sangria in the summer. It’s a treat on a hot day. Here is a twist on the traditional sangria – its green and serves up only 115 calories. By cutting the sugar usually added to sangria it cuts about 50 calories per serving. The fruit easily makes up for the sugar and adds fiber - don’t forget to snack on the fruit! Read More

Teacher Highlight: Teacher Tanory Ateek in Her Own Words

1) How would you describe your teaching style?

Eclectic and upbeat

2) What words of encouragement do you have for a student trying to grow/ develop their practice? 
Yoga is extremely personal.  It is not about conforming to some outside ideal of perfection or mastering perfect poses.  Yoga is an eclectic blend of practices that serve to help us live in a way that is more awake, more compassionate, more deliberate, more filled with joy, humor and curiosity.  Try lots of different styles and practices and regularly ask "is what I am doing on the mat transforming my life off the mat?"

3) What is your favorite pose and why? 
My favorite poses are strength poses right now .  Poses like bakasana, vasistasana and Eka pada koundinyasana are a challenge for me because strength, especially in my upper body, is not what I am naturally drawn to.  These poses help me get out of my comfort zone to find and practice my resources for strength, resilience and confidence off the mat. 

4)What is the most remarkable event you've witnessed in a yoga class/ workshop/ gathering? 
I'm not sure I've witnessed anything "remarkable" other than the beautiful transformation that has happened for me and others as we consistently practice new ways of being with our bodies and ourselves.  In that way, yogic practices are like those tiny drips of water that, over much time, can quite remarkably make a way through the thickest rock. 

5)Tell us something else interesting about you!
I love hip hop dance, I speak Arabic, I've moved across the country four times. 

Yoga Shows Up In Unexpected Places!

Officer Colleen Quinn of the NYPD went from yoga skeptic to yoga teacher and now shares techniques for freeing the mind and body of stress with fellow officers By: RACHEL BACHMAN Read More