Yoga and The Best Version of You!

"Live Light, Travel Light, Spread the Light, 
Be the Light"

This quote is courtesy of Yogi Tea.  This poetic message is also loaded and intense when we pause to take it in.  Years ago, amidst a group of yogis, the teacher asked, “What do you like best about yoga?”  A woman replied, “It makes me a better Mom.”  That’s just it, yoga is powerful.  Yoga is a way of being that translates off of the mat; inspiring us, shifting and transcending our thoughts and perceptions to help us shine as an even better version of ourselves: parent, daughter, son, brother, friend, grandparent, co-worker, community member, mentor, self. 

Yoga teaches us to “live light” by being aware of other beings and the earth, showing compassion and thoughtfulness in our attention. 

Yoga teaches us to “travel light” by moving through life one moment at a time, not taking more than we need or giving to a point of depletion. 

Yoga teaches us to “spread the light” by realizing that we are part of something greater, and that our radiating energy and unity with the Universal has a ripple effect. 

Yoga teaches us to “be the light” in believing that we are enough.  Yoga shows us that our goodness, our light, comes from within.  The truth is within us and if we act from this place, we act from a place of pure love.

Yoga is a journey to the best rendering of ourselves.  Maybe the shifts are small at first, maybe we hardly notice them.  Maybe our first sign of a change is in the way we move in a certain asana or pose how we attend to our breath.  The mental and emotional shifts may be less obvious at first, but they happen on and off the mat.  Just as we practice our Warrior poses, we practice remaining open to the changes, guiding us closer to our own truth and transforming the way we interact with the world.  Join us in yoga classes at Blue Heron Wellness and let your light shine!



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