Why Try a Chair Yoga Class? Yoga Teacher Holly Gardiner Answers!

Chair yoga is truly an inclusive type of yoga class, making physical postures accessible for everyone.  We adapt mat asanas to the chair for added support.  For example, Warrior 2 pose may be performed supported with a chair, reducing muscle strain and the need to maintain unassisted balance in this standing asana.

The class is an invitation to students of all fitness levels and abilities.  Participants range from the “very fit” to those with limited movement patterns.  A chair yoga class is ideal for students who are looking for a flexible, creative practice that can easily be taken into the world outside the yoga studio- in a chair at home or in the office, maybe even on an airplane in some cases. 

Depending on a student’s physical ability, asanas can be performed on the chair, around the chair, at the wall and standing.  The chair practice can be taken to the office environment by providing relief to students who find themselves in a work setting that requires prolonged sitting and extended head/neck and shoulder flexion postures (“hunched over”). 

The chair practice is also recommended for those students who may be returning to yoga after suffering from an injury or have issues with balance limiting the ability to perform mat asanas. 

Come and try a chair class, it’s fun, flexible and is filled with variety to meet the needs of all yogis!  Holly teaches Chair Yoga at Blue Heron Wellness Tuesdays at 4:45pm.


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