The Holidays are Winding Down- Your Yoga Mat is Calling!

No matter which holiday(s) you celebrated in the last month or so, there are cues everywhere that this winter holiday season is ending.  Decorations are coming down, company is going home, work schedules are returning to normal, get-togethers are likely less frequent.  So now is the perfect time to nurture yourself, not because you feel obligated to set a resolution for the new year, but because yoga can boost your mood and energy! Here’s how:

Take time for yourself-- You may have spent weeks preparing things, making lists, coordinating schedules, cleaning etc.  Now come back to yourself.  Replenish.

Feel the sense of community-- Once all the holiday energy has passed, it is not uncommon to miss it.  Come to yoga class and practice with others who have chosen to come to their mats the same time as you have.  Maybe you’ll make a new friend or rekindle the friendship within.

Start a new project- yourself! – What to do with “all that time on your hands” that you were committing to holiday activities?  It is a good time to turn inward and devote energy to strengthening and rejuvenating your body and mind.  Set the intention of a regular practice.

Spend your time doing something that will yield results-- Rather than spending an hour on social media reading potentially embellished posts, come to yoga class for 60 minutes and genuinely enrich yourself.  You may even burn off some holiday baked goods which is an added bonus.

Find out more about the specials we have during Appreciation Week, January 10-16 (but you don't have to wait until then!)


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