The Holidays are Winding Down- Your Yoga Mat is Calling!

No matter which holiday(s) you celebrated in the last month or so, there are cues everywhere that this winter holiday season is ending. Decorations are coming down, company is going home, work schedules are returning to normal, get-togethers are likely less frequent. So now is the perfect time to nurture yourself, not because you feel obligated to set a resolution for the new year, but because yoga can boost your mood and energy! Here’s how: Read More

Teacher Highlight- Get to Know Yogi Donna Britt!

How would you describe your teaching style? My classes blend several yoga styles I've enjoyed and studied, including flow, Iyengar and Yin. Though my deep sense of spirituality spills into my teaching, I try to keep the tone light and even playful. What words of encouragement do you have for a student trying to grow/ develop their practice? The obvious suggestion is to create and honor a regular schedule for practicing, but I'll be counterintuitive and suggest that students give themselves a break. Most yoga students--in truth, most people--are incredibly hard on themselves, focusing more on their failings than on their triumphs. A student once told me she dislikes yoga because it "never gets easy." I see yoga as a journey, and actually like that there's always something to improve upon or deepen. What is your favorite pose and why? Read More

A Family that Meditates Together ... Feels Better

Asking a child to sit still for meditation doesn’t sound like a recipe for easing stress. Yet more families are making a few shared minutes of quiet contemplation a part of their daily routines. When handled with flexibility and a sense of humor, they say, the practice can calm their children, reduce stress and anxiety and help them focus. Read More

Kick Off Your Day On Your Mat

Yoga offers a wellness path to everyone, both mentally and physically. It can reduce stress and improve fitness and health whenever we make it to the sticky mat. Early morning yoga practice also has these added benefits: Read More

The Gift of Yoga by Donna Britt

These days, holiday shoppers in search of a present that offers a longer-lasting glow than a department store gift card often turn to yoga. But the “gift” of yoga isn’t just the classes people purchase for loved ones, or even the increased flexibility and weight loss that often result. The best gift may be what yoga allows students to give to themselves. Read More