Teacher Highlight- Get to Know Yogi Francine Brungardt!

Francine Brungardt, in her own words:

1.  How would you describe your teaching style?

My classes emphasize the meditative connections between presence, breath and body.  I love meeting yogis whether they are absolute newbies or folks with decades of practice.  As a teacher, I honor the intention of facilitating each person in their own unique and most beneficial experiences on the mat.

2.  What words of encouragement do you have for a student trying to grow/develop their practice?

Trust your yoga to consistently enable your life with greater capacities.  Allow your practice to enhance your awareness of being human and intimately guide you toward what’s best for you at any given time in your life. 

3.  What is your favorite pose and why? 

Everyday, my practice, like my life, takes me to new places.   I’ve been in a relationship with yoga for over thirty years so I cannot say that I have one absolutely, hands down, favorite pose…but oh what a minute of “Downward Facing Dog,” can do.

4.  What is the most remarkable event you’ve witnessed in a yoga class/workshop/gathering?

The most remarkable event happens in every class…people show up in a room to connect to the power of their lives in the moment, to welcome the stranger in themselves and in each other and to thereby open themselves to the miracle of our embodied existence in this amazing universe.

5.  Tell us something else interesting about you.

I walk a fine line between cheeky, gregarious extrovert and reclusive introvert.

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