Leslie Knee

Leslie Knee, LMT,  is a graduate of the University of Maryland and the Baltimore School of Massage (2000). She was originally drawn to massage therapy as a client for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. After her recovery, she decided to make a career of helping others achieve wellness through massage. Leslie’s training in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy Massage, Cherokee Bodywork and stretching techniques has provided relief to clients in pain. Her work with Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Hot Stone Therapy and energy techniques provides deeply relaxing and soothing treatments for clients who would like to reduce the negative effects of stress in their lives. She is an advocate for people living with chronic illness (such as fibromyalgia, diabetes and cancer) to receive massage as part of their treatment to relieve pain, anxiety, circulatory issues, and more. Leslie is certified in Manual Lymph Drainage, and is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals and the Society for Oncology Massage Therapists. Leslie is a former bodywork instructor at the Baltimore School of Massage, but now dedicates her work to clients full-time.  
Leslie's Clients Say:  
"Leslie is amazing! I go to her for my massages to help with the stress and strain on my body of being a caregiver and my world changes to a better place when she is done." Denise B.  4/2018
"I had an exceptional massage with Leslie on Saturday. As I am recovering from surgery, she knew all the right areas to work on to help with with radiating pain from the surgery site. She really is very intuitive about how to relieve pain and stress. She's also a very caring and kind person overall." Anna W., 9/2017 
"Slept wrong and my neck was a mess, Leslie was able to get me back to a normal human in no time. Very good and extremely professional!"  William S., Nov 2016
"After my SX, it was time for a massage and oh my goodness! I just received the best post lymphatic drainage massage from Leslie ever! After we were done it felt like I had permanently found my happy place in life. When I arrived the staff was courteous and so friendly. They quickly took me to the back to fill out paperwork and shortly after that Leslie arrived to take me to my room. She had a nice conversation with me and detailed everything that she was going to do. It somehow felt like she was able to answer more questions than my doctor! She was so amazing during the massage that I literally felt like I was in heaven. The time that she took on all the parts of my body almost put me into a different world. I'm telling you if you want to come out feeling refreshed, renewed and wishing your next massage appointment with her was literally the next morning, then go see Leslie! You won't regret it!Leasley-Anne G., 7/2016
"You came to my rescue-- I needed a massage to help an overly stressed back and shoulders….Leslie did a great job. Thanks, I will return!"  Katherine S., 10/15
"I was undecided between massage and Reiki, however, my therapist, Leslie combined the two into a wonderful, relaxing hour and gave me feedback when the session was over. I wish I could return every week for the same experience! Thank You!" Nancy M.  8/15
"Leslie Knee is the best masseuse ever. She is excellent, finds out what your needs are and handles the treatment appropriately. I highly recommend her." Carol C. 2/16

Leslie Knee is currently not instructing any classes.